4 Causes Why Pokémon Go Will Be Popular in 2023


Pokémon is one of the most well-known franchises from Japan. Which is the most popular country when it comes to anime productions. When it initially debuted in the 1990s, Pokémon was based on a card game. However, it becomes popular following the TV show. The first episode first aired in 1997. Since then, Pokémon has grown in popularity around the world. In addition to the card game and TV show, there is a board game with figurines and a variety of video games for consoles.

While it maintained its popularity for a very long time, there is one factor that has helped make this anime story even more well-liked by both children and adults, and that factor is Pokémon Go. This programme, which is accessible for both Android and iOS devices, uses GPS in our smartphones to direct users as they travel and collect various franchise characters. It immediately gained traction on a global scale. The game’s primary advantages are that it inspires players to engage in more physical activity.

Priority of this game:

Contrary to what many people believed, more individuals are playing this game in 2023 than they did in the previous year. This is because most countries are currently under lockdown due to the coronavirus, not the other way around. Due to the fact that the developer of this app anticipated that most users would remain in their homes, they altered the game’s rules to allow players to gather Pokémon in their backyards or residences. Virtual Location can also be used in place of actual walking.

Because of that option, as well as many other aspects, such as a wonderful way to spend your free time because this game is pretty enjoyable, the fan base is growing, reaching the same number of active players as when the game was first presented in 2016. In this post, we will discuss the primary reasons why Pokémon Go is still popular.

1.You Can Make New Friends

Even if your neighbourhood is still on lockdown, you may still locate a lot of individuals using this app and share your experiences with them in a number of online groups, such as those on Facebook. That is a fantastic method to meet new individuals who share your interests. On the other hand, if you are free to move around the city, you will encounter other individuals in the same locations as you as they try to capture various virtual characters. When you and a potential conversation partner share an interest in the game, it will be much simpler to strike up a conversation.


2.It is enjoyable.

While there are many video games with fantastic visuals and gameplay available today, Pokémon walk is unique in that you must walk outside to gather more of the virtual monsters. Also, there are many different types of Pokémon, and if a unique and rare type spawns near you, don’t be shocked if you encounter a large group of people there with the same plan as you, to catch that Pokémon.

For example, one of the most remarkable events related to this game occurred in New York’s Central Park, where thousands of people congregated to celebrate the game’s most peculiar Pokémon, Vaporeon. In addition, many individuals view it as a pleasant way to travel more and be more active while doing so. Some players linked the game with different pastimes like hiking, mountain climbing, fishing, and other activities because they found it inspiring to travel to all those locations and get virtual rewards for doing so.

3. It encourages people to exercise more.

As previously said, there are certain alterations in the game this year due to the fact that many people must remain at home. One of the key reasons why this game is so popular and useful to individuals is that it encourages them to be more active. We all know how difficult it is to begin exercising on a daily basis, but this game manages to motivate individuals by delivering them a virtual reward. The more active you are and the more areas you visit, the more likely you will be effective and catch more Pokemons. Additionally, the game’s designers developed virtual stops where you can find the majority of the virtual species at locations such fascinating markers, attractions, parks, and more.

4. You Will Visit New Places

Various characters can appear in random locations, which can help you discover a new park in your region or drive you to go even further travel through your country more, collecting them along the way. There has never been a game like this that has piqued people’s curiosity in exploring new areas, even if it means getting around the neighbourhood where they live. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to meet every nook of your city that you may have never seen before.

The Bottom Line

Playing this game has numerous advantages, and because it is so distinctive, it has had such a long period of popularity among millions of people. Additionally, it is continually changing and evolving, as evidenced by the adjustments made in 2023 when it was adjusted to the environment where individuals might have creatures in their homes. There are also a lot of associated events, including Pokémon Go Fest, when players congregate and capture millions of creatures in Germany, Canada, Chicago, Taiwan, and other locations.

For example, over 300,000 individuals travelled over 4 million km and captured around 50 million Pokémon at the Safari Zone Event in Taiwan in 2019. Even if you are not permitted to leave your house, you can always use Virtual Location to virtually visit various areas while attempting to capture as many of these creatures as possible.

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